Opting for a rigid optimal mattress

Therefore, a medium rigid mattress is the optimal choice for sleeping on your back. Based on these considerations, people who sleep on their back should appreciate medium rigid or latex memory foam models, which surround the lumbar region and spine. A model that is too soft can have an unnatural position on the lower back, but a too rigid bed causes tension in the lumbar muscles, as it does not offer enough support for the lower back. Look out for Macy’s Fourth of July sale forbuying mattresses on lowest prices.

When you are in pairs

Many people find they prefer a different type of mattress than their partner, and the result is that often one of the two has to compromise or even sleep on the couch. Since partners can be very different in terms of weight, body shape and preferred sleep positions, it may be impossible to find a perfect model for both. This problem can be solved by purchasing a biarea mattress consisting of two single mattresses of different types coupled together.

When to replace mattress?

If you wake up in the morning with a bit of backache, which takes 15 to 30 minutes, it means that you sleep on a mattress that is not appropriate for you. There are several good reasons to periodically replace the mattress, even if today’s products last an average of 13 years, we must consider that our body ages, so the mattress on which at first slept comfortably could no longer offer the same comfort.

They also tend to accumulate dust mites, fungi and other germs that can aggravate any allergies and impact your sleep. Finally, remember that no mattress will improve your health if you sleep only five hours a night. To feel better, you have to sleep enough, regardless of the type of mattress used.